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Feedback from our Clients

Referrals: Welcome

Regarding Michael Snow and Associates,

Over fifteen years ago Michael Snow and Associates became our Reps when we took on the Medallion Cabinetry line as a result of their promotion of the product to us.  Since then they have quite simply always been our best product Reps, and by a wide margin.  We now handle seven cabinet lines and with some of the others have had many different Reps over the years.  The Snows represent three of those lines and have been with us since the start.  We wish they represented the other four, it would make our life much easier.  They have not only provide us with support but also partnership in the growth of our business.  While we have enjoyed their friendship as well through the years, they have never failed to handle the inevitable problems that arise in business with skill, professionalism, and most importantly they take the urgency and customer management seriously.  They’ve helped put our customers at ease assuring them they are being heard and that there will be a resolution found.  I would highly recommend Michael Snow and Associates to anyone without reservation.

Norman Coggin
Coggin Brothers Inc.

Referrals: Testimonial

I've had the pleasure of working with Matthew Snow since I was 19 years old. Matthew has always treated me with nothing but respect and has been by far, the most important and meaningful sales rep in my career. When I left my previous cabinet employer and started Davis Cabinetry in 2010, I had to figure out what cabinets I wanted to carry. I had Matthew's cell phone number still memorized and I called to see what we could get going, with in that phone call we picked up 3 cabinet lines that I had used previously, and continued to use in my new business. The support we get from  Matthew, Michael and everyone at the Snow and Associates is wonderful. Whether it's help on a discount, or sample help when I am in a crunch, or making sure myself and my staff are up to speed on everything that is going on, they're always there to help and educate. I feel lucky to be a part of Snow & Associates, and look forward to many many more years beyond the 13 we've already done business together.

Arlie Naeher  - Owner of Davis Cabinetry

Referrals: Testimonial

Dear All,
Johnson Madison Lumber Co. has been selling Medallion Cabinetry since the 1990's. Michael Snow and Assoc. has been our manufacturer's representative for the entire period.  Starting with Michael himself and now his son Matthew, the level of service we receive from them is top notch in the industry. It has it a pleasure doing business with their company.

Keith Winkler

Referrals: Testimonial

I have been working with the Snow's for many years.  They are a joy to work with.  They always are extremely helpful, very hardworking and prompt.   They make my job easier. I wouldn't know what to do without them.  We have worked so long together that we have created a friendship so now I am lucky enough to call them my friends.

Sara Wilson - Western Building Center

Referrals: Testimonial
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