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Hood Designs of Today - Reposted from Crystal Cabinet Works

Range hoods are very important to a kitchen. Their function is to help keep the air clean of smoke, grease, and other contaminants, but the design of the hood is just as important as the function. A well designed range hood can make any kitchen stand out, and it will vary depending on the style of your kitchen.



Transitional hood design is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. It pulls elements from both styles to create an appealing hybrid. These transitional hoods are made to be combined with cabinets next to them, as well as being detailed enough to draw the eye. Two toned color palettes and mixing contrasting materials, such as rustic woods or metals, are sometimes added to make the hood stand out from the connected cabinetry. Other times they are clean and simple depending on your design or taste.


Contemporary hood design has a different mindset. This style focuses on simple and clean lines. That means, the design steers the focal point to the whole space, by seamlessly blending cabinets into one another. The hood is treated the same. It can sometimes be integrated with the cabinets so well, that it is invisible.

Crystal offers hoods to fit all kitchen styles. We recently introduced several new hoods. These new hoods were designed to fill the demand for the rising popularity in both transitional and contemporary styling. We also have the ability to create custom hoods for those who want to put a personal touch into their space. Our Idea Gallery is a great source of kitchens, showing many hood styles for inspiration.

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