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Elements of Mid-Century Modern - Reposted from Crystal Cabinet Works

If there is a style dominating the home and interior design world, it is Mid-Century Modern. You can spot its influences everywhere from furniture to home décor.

Mid-Century Modern’s minimalist and contemporary qualities are exceptionally inspiring for kitchen design.


Wood Accents

Walnut, Teak and Rosewood are species commonly used and are often finished in a natural, clear coat. Fitting to the style, our new brown stains gives wood a rich, premium tone, and are a refreshing change from painted white cabinetry.


Clean Lines & Simplicity

To achieve Mid-Century Modern’s understated and sophisticated style, here are some door styles to consider. Our Springfield door style is great for a true minimalist design, while our Cascade and Revere are perfect if your design requires a subtle door detail.


Mixed Materials & Colors

The ability to mix interesting elements also gives Mid-Century Modern its charm and popularity. Some style combinations typically feature:

Metals– such as polished brass or chrome.

Malleable decor– like plastics, fiberglass or plywood.

Colors– earthy and subdued, but can incorporate vibrant hues as well.

Sherwin William’s “Colors Through the Decades” highlights a few paint colors influenced from Mid-Century Modern. Any of these can be sampled through Crystal’s Color Per Sample Process.

Here are three we like:


Here are some examples of our favorite mid-century inspired designs:

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